If you own or operate a primary care facility, a major component of providing proper patient care is the equipment and supplies. There are many basic medical supplies that are needed for patient wound care as well as other minimum equipment that your medical care facility will need. This equipment includes emergency equipment and supplies like airways, aspirators, oxygen, mask, resuscitation bag/mask, and more. If you are searching for “surgical supplies near me” in Broward, Potenza HRC Health offers a variety of disposable medical and surgical products of the highest quality. Call us today to order!


Patient Wound Care Supplies


There are many supplies that are necessary to take of a patient with a wound. It is the job of medical professionals to provide care to the patients who come to them seeking treatment for their sicknesses, ailments, and injuries. Patients who visit a medical facility are putting their health and healing in the hands of these doctors and nurses, which is why it is essential for medical professionals to be prepared and to stay vigilant regarding the diverse needs of their patients. A large part of preparation for the treatment of various injuries and wounds is to have wound care supplies adequately accessible and stocked in order to efficiently take care of their properly. One of the crucial supplies necessary to take care of patient wounds are gloves. If you are looking up “surgical supplies near me,” Potenza HRC Health offers a variety of disposable surgical gloves so that you can service your client properly. Just like surgical face masks, medical gloves are necessary to help protect medical care professionals and patients when treating an injury. While treating an injured patient, professionals should wear gloves in order to prevent any transmission of bacteria to their wound, as well as insulate the medical professional against any infections or viruses that may be present in the blood or body fluids of the patient. A professional medical practice needs to stock a constant supply of both latex as well as latex-free gloves (for patients and professionals allergic to latex) in order to maximize the health and safety of their workers as well as the patients who come to them for treatment.


Potenza HRC Health Offers Wound Care Supplies


Potenza HRC Health is a top medical supply wholesaler in the Broward area specializing in disposable medical supplies. Our vinyl gloves provides double protection as it uses two layers of PVC/PU films, and our nitrile gloves resist permeation by a wider range of chemicals compared to natural rubber latex of the same thickness. Our disposable surgical gloves are extra strength to protect users from surgical debris, and our latex gloves don easily and prevent roll back. We also offer a range of medical equipment for all your medical supply needs so that you can service your patients and protect your medical professionals.


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Keeping your medical facility well-supplied is essential to proper patient wound care. If you’re looking up “surgical supplies near me” in Broward, Potenza HRC Health offers a range of disposable equipment and supplies for your medical facility’s needs. Call us today to order!