Searching “surgical supplies near me” does not always guarantee that you will find the thing that you need. Potenza HRC Health, a medical supply company in Miami, always recommends that you take your time to research the many benefits of one particular kind of supply versus another so that you always select the right one for your patients. For instance, considering powder-free non-latex surgical gloves as opposed to the traditional latex. Small changes like this can make a real difference for your patients. To learn more, contact us at Potenza HRC Health.


What Benefits are There?


As a medical professional, you want to make the best decisions about the equipment you use for the sake of your patients. Even something as minute as the gloves that you put on during surgery are going to make an impact on the overall quality of your care. The fact of the matter is that natural rubber latex gloves can increase the risk of adverse effects due to a glove-related latex allergy. If the patient is exposed to the powdered latex gloves, they can develop an allergy which can lead to loss of time and productivity on the part of the surgical staff as well as an increase in the cost of treatment.

Some medical offices and hospitals are reluctant to change entirely to non-latex gloves because the cost may appear to be greater than simply buying latex gloves but this is not the case. When the medical establishment begins to consider the ultimate costs that would arise as a result of patients having allergic reactions, they begin to realize that the cost of treating these patients is greater than the cost of simply switching over to the powder-free non-latex.

Non-latex gloves offer the same range that you would get from latex gloves such as orthopedic, micro-surgery, moisturizing gloves, and so on. They also come in a variety of materials for medical professionals to choose from such as polychloroprene and polyisoprene.

Another thing to consider is that many OR staff are unknowingly sensitive to latex by ten to seventeen percent and many children with spina bifida are sensitive by fifty-five percent where latex is used in surgery as opposed to only five percent where non-latex gloves are used.


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If you are looking for a trustworthy medical supplier, Potenza HRC Health is here for you. We know that the equipment that you use is critical and important to you and we work hard to make sure we always have valuable and high-quality options for you. To learn more about what we offer and to see what we can do for you, contact us today.


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If you have been searching for “surgical supplies near me,” Potenza HRC Health in Miami is your resource. We have an abundance of different high-quality surgical supplies, including non-latex gloves. This can be the thing that you need to assure your patients have the best experience in your care. Contact us if you would like to learn more.