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It services sector

Digital forensic analysis

Analysis of incidents related to data robbery, fraud and threats.

Evidence preservation.

Evidence analysis.

Incidents record.

Vulnerability analysis

Information systems, databases, and image protection.

Ethical Hacking.

Media tracking.

Digital security architecture

Technological solutions of the software, hardware, and tracking to strengthen web security and prevent instabilities or failures in the infrastructure.


Technological Infrastructure

Equipment and technological solutions (physical or virtual format), to process and backup data contained in data centers.

 Wired and wireless webs for voice services, data, and video. IP solutions and structured wiring

Risk management sector

Risk Management

Our focus is to identify risks that you may, or may not, be aware of and offer solutions to reduce, if not eliminate, those risks. We offer professional expertise tailored to your needs, recognizing that your success depends collectively on every area of your organization

Contingency Analysis

POTENZA SERVICES will create different qualitative assumptions, recreate different scenarios, and train your staff to come up with the most optimal responses under the circumstances.

Vulnerability analysis and security systems

Our professional team would gather all the information collected and will test each scenario to determine the current exposure, and whether current safeguards are sufficient in terms of confidentiality, integrity, or availability.

Threat Analysis

POTENZA SERVICES would study and identify anything that would contribute to the tampering, destruction, or interruption of your service or item of value. Our team will analysis and look at every element of risk that could conceivably happen.



A one-stop shop medical supply company, Potenza HRC offers a unique experience to our clients. What sets us apart is that we create

Long-lasting relationships with clients, providing what we call G.A.S (giving knowledge, answering questions, solving problems). From

needles and syringes to gloves, masks, and bandages, we deliver medical supplies that help keep patients healthy. Our exceptional

selection of medical products—along with outstanding delivery service—lets our clients focus primarily on patient care.


Whether the clinical setting is the OR, a physician’s office, local

clinic or the battlefield, every situation calls for unique medical equipment. We are an authorized reseller of the prestigious brand Cube Care giving us the capacity to offer our clients the best service possible.

  • Environmental Impact – Cube Care Disposable Curtains are made from chemical free non-woven polypropylene and 100% recyclable. An environmental alternative to laundering.
  • Fire Safety – All Cube Care Disposable Curtains are fire retardant and meet NFPA 701 testing (U.S.A. & Canada).
  • Hygiene – Designed with a strong material that prevents the growth and transportation of bacteria.
  • Time Efficiency – In just minutes you can replace the used Disposable Curtains with new ones.
  • Installation and Removal – Installation and Removal of Cube Care Disposable Curtains is made to be easy and fit most curtain tracks.
  • Management – Disposable curtains are easy to manage, install, use, and order.
  • Record Keeping and Self Audit Labels – All disposable curtains have the date labels to create an audit trail for your own compliance systems.
  • Appearance – No other company offers the same crisp and fresh Disposable Curtains in numerous color options.
  • Size Available – Available in: Traditional Curtains = 100”x100”. It’s a Snap Curtains = 66”x66” panels. Length can be tailored at your request
  • Cost – Disposable curtains are more cost effective than traditional curtains due to savings on certain features. Low purchase cost & no laundry cost.
  • Fast Delivery – We deliver in 24 to 48 hours.
  • Packaging – The curtains are packaged separately to provide the highest level of clean, sterile, and safe products.
  • Weight – Known to be lightweight and durable, these Disposable Curtains can be moved, stored and installed with ease.
  • Complete Customization – Ceiling height tailored fitting. Not seeing a pattern you like? Call us to discuss customization!
  • Special Side Snaps Feature – Cube Care Disposable Curtains has side snaps that help curtains join together for a continuous look.
  • AEGIS Anti-Microbial – Cube Care Disposable Curtains are treated with an An�-Microbial called “AEGIS”. AEGIS is a safe and effective antimicrobial technology that has been proven to eliminate odor-causing bacteria for more than 30 years.




Potenza HRC offers nation-wide distribution of high-quality medical

supplies, cutting-edge surgical products, innovative medical disposables and high-tech medical equipment to the federal, state and local health care markets.

    • Capability to produce or reproduce current systems and products
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • 2 week lead times
    • Largest online cubicle curtain fabric library
    • Exceptional Customer Service
    • Free Shipping
    • Free Samples
    • Our Employees are available for nation-wide installation services
    • Unsurpassed Quality
    • Dedicated experts ready to help you!
    • Industry leaders
    • State of the art manufacturing facility
    • You have a problem? We have the solution!
    • We have your best interest in mind, not our bottom line
    • We are multiple award winners
  • We are consultants to solve the most challenging issues WHEN


We are aware of the commitment invested in distributing disposable medical and surgical products. It is therefore our policy to market exclusively reliable and high-quality products.

We recognize the importance of fully complying with international regulations and standards of the healthcare sector. We thus work together with the manufacturing company to ensure it meets such requirements. The plant is certified by regulatory agencies of the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, and South Africa for manufacturing and exporting medical and surgical products to the five (5) continents while complying with FDA, CE, MDA, and WHO regulations.

To achieve the above, Potenza/HRC will:

  • Guarantee customer satisfaction.
  • Ensure safety and reliability for our clients and the healthcare sector.
  • Comply with legal commitments, regulations, and high-quality standards through international certifications.
  • Provide competitive and innovative products.


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