RISK Management



POTENZA SERVICES understand that Risk Management is an on-going process. Thats why our services provide you with a solid foundation to improve your existing policies, procedures and practices and to assist your Board, Management and staff in the identification, assessment and control of both recognized and unrecognized operational risks.

Our focus is to identify risks that you may, or may not, be aware of and offer solutions to reduce, if not eliminate, those risks. We offer professional expertise tailored to your needs, recognizing that your success depends collectively on every area of your organization.

  • Threat Analysis

  • Vulnerability analysis and security systems

  • Contingency analysis

  • Risk Assessment

  • Risk Management

Threat Analysis

POTENZA SERVICES would study and identified anything that would contribute to the tampering, destruction or interruption of your service or item of value. Our team will analysis and look at every element of risk that could conceivably happen.

Contingency Analysis

POTENZA SERVICES will create different qualitative assumptions, to recreated different scenarios, and train you staff to come up with the most optimal responses under the circumstances.

Vulnerability analysis and security systems

Our profesional team would gather all the information collected and will test each scenario to determine the current exposure, whether current safe guards are sufficient in terms of confidentiality, integrity or availability.

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