For many people, the alternative to latex gloves, such as black nitrile gloves, can be a critical one. Potenza HRC Health in Broward County offers these alternatives as well as other medical supplies. However, the first thing that you must understand before you select the gloves that you will be utilizing in your office is what the difference is between these materials, especially the difference between PVC and nitrile. If you would like to learn more about our products or if you are ready to stop searching “medical supplies near me,” contact us at Potenza HRC Health today.


What are PVC Gloves & Black Nitrile Gloves?


PVC gloves and nitrile gloves are alternatives to standard latex gloves. Their purpose is to be able to handle hazardous materials or harmful materials safely in a variety of commercial industries. Frequently, they are used in offices where there are individuals who suffer from a latex sensitivity. The primary difference between them is the type of job that they are designed to perform as well as what chemicals each of the gloves are able to tolerate safely.

PVC gloves are also known as vinyl gloves. They are typically used as food service, janitorial, and housekeeping staff industries. The quality and durability of the gloves usually depend on the task for which they are intended. Those that are the lightest in durability are used in the food service industries to prepare and serve food. Those that are heaviest in durability are those that are used to handle acids, caustics, and solvents that are used in mining, auto, and construction industries.

Nitrile gloves are made for healthcare and laboratory workers that have content with bloodborne pathogens. They are also used for performing sterile procedures, such as surgery. Similarly to PVC gloves, nitrile gloves can be either disposable or reusable. Nearly all of the gloves that are bought and used by medical personnel are disposable for hygienic reasons. Nitrile gloves are also made with synthetics instead of latex which means that they can be used by someone who is allergic to latex.

A doctor’s office could feasibly purchase al three types of gloves in order to have options to use with patients. For instance, they may have nitrile gloves in place for those who have a latex sensitivity but need to perform surgery while they may have PVC gloves for other procedures and purposes.


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If you have been searching “medical supplies near me,” you can stop your search. Potenza HRC Health has an array of medical supplies for those doctors and offices who are ready to have quality as well as value. We know that there are many people who cannot have latex in their offices, which is why we offer non-latex options for those who have a latex sensitivity.


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