Our Products


  • Colposcope Microstar C100

  • Colposcope Microstar C100 Standard Definition

  • Colposcope Microstar C100 High Definition

ENT Microscopes

  • ENT Microscope OM100

  • ENT Microscope Microstar OM100 Standard Definition

  • ENT Microscope Microstar OM100 Full High Definition

Dental Microscopes

  • Dental Microscope OM100

  • Dental Microscope Microstar OM100 High Definition
Endoscopy Light Sources

  • Led Light Source Everlux Universal

  • Led Light Source Everlux Standard

  • Portable Light Source Portaled

  • Endoscopy Fiber Optic Cable

Endoscopy Video Cameras

  • Standard Definition Procam Video Camera

  • Full High Definition Procam Video Camera


  • Led Stroboscope

  • Led Headlux

  • Flexible Nasopharyngoscope

  • Arthroscopes HD

  • Sterilization Tray Ent Endoscopes

  • Sterilization Tray Arthroscopes
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