As a medical supplies company, we at Potenza HRC in Miami are always striving to provide a higher quality of products and wider range of products for the betterment of patients. Medical supplies are critical for the wellbeing of a patient in need and we take this responsibility to create these supplies very seriously. We are always seeking to offer more and better products so that patients can ultimately benefit. Contact us at Potenza HRC to learn more about our services or visit our website to see our options for yourself.


What Makes Us a Top Medical Supplies Company?


Potenza HRC is a business that specializes in disposable medical supplies including surgical equipment. With over thirty years of experience, our team is equipped with outstanding expertise and intimate knowledge of the healthcare industry. Our company is committed to quality service and quality products that are latex-free and cost-effective. Our products are also quality guaranteed by the FDA, or the Food and Drug Administration. The plant which we use is certified by the regulatory agencies of more than one country including the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, and South Africa for manufacturing and exporting medical and surgical products to the five continents all the while still complying with the FDA, CE (which stands for Conformité Européene), MDA, and WHO (otherwise known as the World Health Organization) regulations.

We are also always seeking to elevate ourselves to our core values which include reliability, professionalism, and responsibility. In our efforts to achieve this we adhere to high quality standards in order to provide the best medical and surgical products, place the needs and safety of our clients first and offer latex-free products to the international market, and ensure that our products meet the standards of our international certifications. We also offer warranties with our products that cover any defect or dissatisfaction with the products. Additionally, we guarantee a delivery of 60 days or less with any FOB deliveries.


What Can We Do for You?


At Potenza HRC, we are constantly striving to do more for our customers and to provide the highest quality products in order to continue earning the title of best medical supplies company in Miami. We are here to provide you with an array of products so that you never feel limited in either scope or quality.

If you would like to learn more about our standards for our products or about the products themselves, contact us at Potenza HRC to speak to a representative. You may also visit our website to get a view of the products we offer and our certifications.


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Potenza HRC is a medical supplies company in Miami that offers a wide variety of products including disposables as well as surgical equipment. We value quality and service above all and that is why we hold our products to a higher standard. If you would like to learn more about the regulations we follow and our manufacturers, contact us at Potenza HRC.