IT/OT Services

IT/OT Services

Information Technology/oPERATIONAL TECHNOLOGY

Potenza Services is a Veteran Own Corporation with more than 10 years in the business that integrates expertise and knowledge in Information Technology & Operational Technology

Our multicultural team of professional managers, sales and customer service representative has experience dealing with clients in different countries. That makes us a flexible company capable of adapting to every requirement they may have.

Digital forensic analysis

Analysis of incidents related to data robbery, fraud and threats.

Evidence preservation.
Evidence analysis.
Incidents record.

Vulnerability analysis

Information systems, databases and image protection.

Ethical Hacking.
Media tracking.

Digital security architecture

Technological solutions of software, hardware and tracking to strengthen web security and prevent instabilities or failures in the infrastructure.

Technological Infrastructure

Equipment and technologic solutions (physical or virtual format), to process and backup data contained in data centers.

Wired and wireless webs for voice services, data and video. IP solutions and structured wiring


Advanced equipment and technology through international firms for comprehensive solutions regarding security and intelligence areas.

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