The experts at Potenza HRC Health want to make sure you know what exactly a heart defibrillator does and how to use the lifesaving device. You can trust our professionals to provide the best advice, Broward County. We also specialize in surgical supplies near me.


So What Is It?

A defibrillator is a machine that sends a high energy electric shock through the heart. This high energy electric shock is called defibrillation. The aim of this shock is to return a heart to its normal working state if it goes into cardiac arrest.


If an individual is showing signs of a cardiac arrest, a defibrillator can be used to return their heart to its normal rhythm. A cardiac arrest is when the heart suddenly stops pumping blood around the body, usually due to a problem with the heart’s electrical signals. If the heart stops pumping blood around the body, the brain will be starved of oxygen, and this will result in a person losing consciousness and stopping breathing.


A cardiac arrest is considered a medical emergency and immediate action need to be taken, otherwise, it could be fatal. If someone is in cardiac arrest, they will be unconscious, unresponsive and they won’t be breathing, or they won’t normally be breathing. If you come across someone in this state, you can improve their chances of survival by phoning 999 and giving CPR as soon as possible.


How Does a Defibrillator Work?

In an emergency situation, knowing how to use a defibrillator could save someone’s life. You can find defibrillators in numerous public places, from leisure centers to train stations, and knowing how a defibrillator works can help you act more effectively in a stressful situation. They are also very easy to use. Most even have simple to read instructions attached the device. Just remember to use extreme caution. We also sell the best surgical supplies near me.


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