Potenza Services

Who we are
Potenza Services is a Veteran Own Corporation with more than 10 years in the business that integrates expertise and knowledge in Information Technology, Risk Management, and Medical Solutions.


In the technology area of Potenza, Services Inc develops and integrates systems and equipment for telecommunications, information systems, cyber security, technical work, the survey of Plants, and much more.


We understand that Risk Management is an ongoing process. That’s why our services provide you with a solid foundation to improve your existing policies, procedures, and practices and to assist your Board, Management, and staff in the identification, assessment, and control of both recognized and unrecognized operational risks.


A one-stop shop medical supply company, Potenza Services offers a unique experience to our clients. What sets us apart is that we create

Long-lasting relationships with clients, providing what we call G.A.S (giving knowledge, answering questions, solving problems).

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